Some Misc. Musings

7 Nov

1) My 15yo son is competing in a national computer competition online called Cyber Aces.  It’s open to high school students, college students, and adults.  It involves watching videos and completing some labs online then taking tests.  He refuses to let his dad and I help him because that would be cheating (according to him!).  LOL  Where did he get those ethics?  But we do discuss the topics with him after he’s watched the videos.  He’s got a pretty good grasp on the subject which really surprises me.  The topics covered I also cover in my college networking classes.  What Cyber Aces is teaching in 3 weeks, we spend an entire semester covering!  Anyway, DJ takes the tests when his dad and I are at work so that there’s no temptation on our part to assist him.  He now has two of the three tests completed and is ranked 12th of all the Illinois high school students participating in the competition.  Not bad.  Almost all the students above him go to the Illinois Math and Science Academy – which is where he wants to attend.  This stuff is difficult and I think that anything that he picks up on it now is good.  If he’s exposed to it again in further high school or college classes, it will aid tremendously in his understanding.

CaptureHis other stats:  Overall he is 234 out of 785 in the state of Illinois; and 1125 of 3599 in the nation.  Those two stats include college students and adults also.

2)  My sister (who blogs here), just won a golf tournament in Florida!  That’s pretty cool!  She’s smart and athletic!  Can’t beat that combination.

3) I started a new sweater with the yarn I’m dyeing.  It’s a V-neck cardigan.  Or it might be if I continue. Here is the right front so far.


I’m on the fence because I was originally going to travel the pattern up the side of the V, but the pattern is too wide and will get lost in the sleeve.  That will look weird I think.  So I will just have to travel it upwards.  Will that look weird?  Yeah – maybe.  So what what about half a pattern on each side of the neckline.  Yeah – that would look good but do I really want to rip out 104 rows and begin again?  I don’t know.  I can’t envision the end product so I might stop and do some drawing with pencil and paper to see what I want to do.


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