Too Many Projects!

27 Oct

I’m bouncing around projects like a ping pong ball!  It’s great for my ADD but will anything actually get finished?

One thing that got finished this weekend was Mia’s scarf.

????????Same pattern as my aqua one – Summer Winds. Details on the yarn and whatnot are on my Ravelry Project page. I didn’t like the yarn while knitting – it felt like acrylic. But after washing and blocking it’s nice and soft.

I also got started on my Scrap Squad #6 quilt.  I made 90+ of these that will measure 2″ square when finished.

????????I need 124 so having 90-something done is a good start.

And I’m going to start a sweater TODAY!  I’ve been taking a class online at Craftsy by Amy Herzog on custom fit sweaters. Amy now has a web site where you input about 5000 measurements 🙂 and you MUST swatch with a new fangled method like shown below.


After all that, you pick out a pattern and pay $10 and the pattern is generated to fit you perfectly.  I’ve been taking the class and watching videos and seeing testimonials and knitted pieces by all kinds of knitters and I’m intrigued.  So I’m doing it!  I think all of the sweaters I’ve knitted in the past are too big because I knit them according to my bust measurement instead of my upper bust or shoulders.  I’ve done everything according to her specs – including picking a simple pattern WITH SEAMS for my first project to test her method.  Yes, you read that right – SEAMS.  No knitting in the round for this one.  But I’ve seamed one sweater before and I can do it again.  I might have to watch a million videos about seaming again, but that’s a long way off so I’m not too worried about it.

Finally, we went to the hardware store and picked up the rest of the supplies for my Dodec spinning wheel.  We haven’t done anything with those materials yet!

Today consists of DJ’s band concert and Gianna’s softball practice.  We raked leaves, cut the grass, and winterized the back area by the pool yesterday.  Today should also contain laundry and housecleaning and a bit of prep for tomorrow’s classes.  Whew – lucky I got up early!



One Response to “Too Many Projects!”

  1. bsburgess October 27, 2013 at 8:07 AM #

    Luckily you put that pen in the 4-patch basket. Thought it was a laundry basket, which would be right up our alley on big block quilts! I was laughing so hard… 🙂

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