Nothing Much

23 Oct

I love my new and improved schedule. Nothing much happening each night so I can relax.  Except Monday night which was parent/teacher conferences. And tonight which was my night class.  Wait… What new schedule? It looks like I’m back to doing something every day AND night.  Crud… It will lighten up soon enough.

My oldest daughter liked my latest Summer Wind scarf shown here.  She requested the same pattern but longer in light gray. I started on that last night.

????????And naturally I had to do it twice because 7 rows into it I noticed that I had a twist in the circle AGAIN so I ripped and started anew.  This yarn is purchased yarn 75% wool 25% nylon. It’s not very soft like the stuff that I unravel.  I hope it softens up after washing.

I had unraveled a cashmere sweater last year that was light gray. It was single ply so that means it was like a thread.  I usually just hold two or three strands together to knit with but recently I’ve been reading that twisting those two or three strands together is a better way to go.  It makes for a “cleaner” looking finished garment – especially when doing lace.  Twisting the yarn together is called plying.  That’s the main reason for wanting to build the Dodec wheel.  I want to ply together some of this thin cashmere yarn that I unravel.

I saw a post on Ravelry that talked about plying with a cordless drill. Instead of the drill bit, you put in a pencil and wind the yarn counterclockwise.  Why counterclockwise?  Well there are S twists and Z twists. Single plys are spun in Z twists so you have to ply in the opposite direction.  Hmmm… I can do that, right?

Here’s the result of my experiment.

????????The top yarn is the single ply and the bottom is twisted into a two-ply.  It’s not twisted enough, don’t you think?  So how do you know how much to twist it?  I thought I was over twisting to be honest.  Is there a right and wrong way?


2 Responses to “Nothing Much”

  1. domichcreations October 24, 2013 at 6:25 AM #

    Dear Gina, I try to keep up with your blog & I aplaud all your creations. You are so talented. I do not knit but have crotcheted in the past. I do quilt also but machine & try to mostly do smaller quilts baby , lap & wall hanging. I love designing. I think when it is in your blood you find time for your passions, thank you . Please keep your blog going. Donna Su Domichcreations

    • ginaquilts October 24, 2013 at 11:43 AM #

      Thank you!

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