New Scarf

21 Oct

????????I like it.  Next time I won’t put a twist in it.  That didn’t turn out so well. But since I’m always going to wear it doubled like this, it didn’t matter.  Pattern: Summer Wind by Irish Girl Knits. Yarn: Unraveled sweater that was dyed with Berry Blue Kool Aid.  Needles: Size 5.

What’s next?  I’ve been taking a Craftsy course on how to make sweaters that fit. I always make sweaters that are too big for me. Amy Herzog is the queen of sweaters that fit so this class is by her.  That class led me to her Ravelry group and then to her newly launched Make, wear, love website. 

She has a new custom fitting computerized pattern solution.  I had Gianna measure me AND photograph me with just a camisole on.  That was depressing! But I learned that I was a proportional shaped person (as opposed to a top heavy or bottom heavy serson).  I look good in 3/4 length sleeves and deep neck lines. The 3/4 length sleeves point to my waist making me seem like I have one.  The next step is to pick a pattern and swatch.  I picked a scoop neck 3/4 sleeve top and figured I’d try a large swatch (Amy’s requirements) in that purple yarn that I had started the last sweater with.

????????The above swatch is after washing it by soaking and drying it halfway in my tumble dryer. It’s superwash yarn in fingering weight. And you know what?  I don’t like superwash. I forgot that. It grows so much. I don’t think I’ll like a sweater in this fabric for my first attempt.  I’m going to pick a different yarn that I have in my stash and swatch it next.

Nancy in SC asked about unraveling sweaters. I don’t have much going on this week, so I’ll put up a tutorial on how I do it.

In other news, Gianna had a scrimmage for her ASA softball team yesterday.  She pitched very well. This is the first ASA game she has ever pitched in. It didn’t seem like she was very nervous at all.  The plan was to pitch each of the girls two innings to see how then did. She started the first game.  After the first inning, the opposing coach came over to our dugout and said to our coaches, “Your pitcher has a great change up!”  So that was good.  Third inning she went to shortstop, but in the 6th inning they brought her back in pitching to close the game.  She did well again.  Second game: she played shortstop the whole game but came in during the last inning to close it out again.  Pitching was good – fielding at short; needs some work.  The whole team’s fielding needs work.  That’s what the winter training is about, right?  🙂  Her bat was okay.  She only struck out once.  The other pitcher was very good in the first game.  Gianna hit a nice one that was fielded by the second baseman and a blooper over the first baseman’s head that could have been a stand up triple!  But the third base coach sent her home and the throw was perfect at the plate so she was out.  Once they changed pitchers in the second game, Gianna hit one over the third baseman’s head. The third baseman tipped it with her glove. The shortstop was behind her and dove and caught the ball before it landed on the ground.  Amazing play.

Today Dan and Gianna are both home with the flu or a cold!  Both are coughing and stuffed up and miserable.  I have the same cold without the cough. I’m at work because we don’t have subs and classes must go on! 🙂


3 Responses to “New Scarf”

  1. Aunt Marti October 21, 2013 at 9:57 AM #

    Love your scarf — I’m in a knitting mood this week, too, must be contagious!

  2. bsburgess October 21, 2013 at 5:19 PM #

    Nice scarf. Busy week. I’m also interested in how you unravel sweaters.


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    […] oldest daughter liked my latest Summer Wind scarf shown here.  She requested the same pattern but longer in light gray. I started on that last […]

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