What’s Happening Today

15 Sep

I got up early and walked 2.25 miles this morning.  It’s scheduled to rain today and I wanted to make sure I got a walk in today.  I’ve been able to walk about 4 out of the 7 days each week.  I think that really helps with my dieting.  I’ve consistently lost a pound a week since school began. I would lose more if I didn’t go off on the weekends.  But…  It is what it is.  I’ll take a pound a week.

I had a Goodwill trip this week.  I purchased two sweaters.  Here’s one.

????????It was $2 and I’m going to unravel it this morning.  It’s 60% cotton and 40% acrylic.  I don’t usually like either cotton or acrylic but it’s very soft and I think the acrylic will help keep the cotton springy and won’t hurt my hands when knitting it.  If I don’t like it – well, it was only $2, right?

EDIT:  The sweater above unraveled so nicely!

????????It only took about an hour and yielded 264 grams of fingering weight yarn. Plus three buttons!


I also bought an orange cashmere sweater for $2.  No pictures of that one yet.

I received an order of fingering weight purple heathered yarn from Knit Picks yesterday also.

???????? There are six skeins there.  I’m planning on making a short sleeved cardigan.  Out of fingering weight, you ask?  I found a pattern where you use size 6 needles and it drapes nicely.  I think it will be nice for the fall.  Straight boring stockinette stitch.  Should be okay.  Otherwise that’s a lot of socks and scarves in purple, right?

And I started a cowl for my oldest daughter at her insistence.

????????It’s not turning out anything like the pattern.  It’s an easy knit and will be an easy unravel if it doesn’t turn out!  🙂  So even though I said I wasn’t going to start a new knitting project this weekend, I did.  But it will be finished and blocked tonight.

Today’s schedule involves unraveling the GW sweater, balling up the Knit Picks purple yarn, and cleaning my sewing room.  Hopefully I can get a row done on my next Scrap Squad quilt!  I also need to start DJ on the Cyber Aces contest.  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY as usual.


One Response to “What’s Happening Today”

  1. mosaicthinking September 15, 2013 at 4:26 PM #

    Funny, before I read the Goodwill story I thought you’d knitted a nice sweater. Look forward to seeing what its next reincarnation looks like.

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