What A Week So Far

12 Sep

It’s only Thursday but I’m exhausted!  Gianna has basketball beginning at 6:15am every morning!  So we are up at 5:30am to make lunches and get ready.  After dropping her off, I knit for 1/2 hour before waking DJ up and getting him out the door by 7:25am.  Then I go to work.  Monday, I subbed for an evening class where the teacher was traveling for business.  That meant working 8am-8:30pm with very little actual breaks.  Tuesday, I had a regular teaching/meeting day (8-3:30), but then went shopping for basketball shoes for Gianna. She was wearing last year’s shoes but was complaining that they hurt her feet.  It ended up that she went up 1.5 sizes!  I’ll say that her feet hurt – the shoes were WAY TOO SMALL!  And yesterday?  An identical day to Monday – day classes followed by my own night class.  Just to shake things up, we had “Spirit Day” at the college which involved my computer club setting up a table and students stopping by to join.  The club members did most of the “work” yesterday but I had to do quite a bit of setup on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

So see?  That’s why this post is entitled – What a week so far!

I knitted the quickest scarf yet over the past 5 days.


Don’t you just love that edging?  It flows so nicely from that lace leaf pattern!  I must be into knitting leaves.  The last few scarves/shawls have been leaves.  The name of the pattern is “Spring Thaw Shawl“.   I stayed home an extra 1/2 hour this morning to get it blocking on the spare bed.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit chilly and I plan on wearing it.  🙂

What’s up for the weekend?  Well, Friday night I’m working the “Fan Gear” tent at the high school football game again.  Then, this weekend I plan on cleaning TWO bedrooms and my sewing room.  I WILL NOT START ANOTHER KNITTING PROJECT!  I will try to get a jump on the two quilts I have in progress (piecing) and quilt some on the Christmas quilt that’s been in hibernation!

That’s the plan at least…



2 Responses to “What A Week So Far”

  1. Sonia September 12, 2013 at 12:54 PM #

    You need a Hawaiian vacation!

    • ginaquilts September 12, 2013 at 2:39 PM #

      I agree!

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