I’m Totally Buying This Magazine!

3 Sep

I’m not eligible for this giveaway, but you all should check it out.


I like all of Quiltmaker’s 100 Block magazines but they can get overwhelming and you start to wonder how to put the blocks together. This magazine has select blocks from the 100 Block magazines put into quilts. And I like all of them! When does that ever happen?

Since I’m on the Scrap Squad,I can’t enter to win. But you can. Follow the link. Enter. 🙂

I was sick all weekend with a cold. Not much to report on the knitting and quilting front. I started a new shawl just to see that over 1/2 has to be ripped out because I screwed up the pattern days ago and didn’t notice. The pattern is the toughest I’ve ever done. I don’t want to admit defeat but its not the best project for me right now with the cold drugs and all.

I also got the next Scrap Squad quilt pattern to be published in October. It uses TEMPLATES! At first there was a moan emitted from me, but it’s turning out to be simple as can be by using the template method. I don’t think quilters give templates a fair shot. They are sometimes the best way to make a quilt. More on that after this week.


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