More Knitting

26 Aug

Tonight I vow to get into the sewing room to complete ONE block on Gianna’s quilt!

However, I picked up an old unfinished scarf/shawl and unknitted a bit and then really went to town yesterday on it.


The pattern is called “Springtime Bandit”. The yarn is from an unraveled 100% merino sweater from Petite Sophisticate that I picked up from Goodwill a few years back. $3.50! It’s squishy and just fabulous to work with. I’m guessing it’s DK weight.

The new plan is to only knit in the morning before school (like 6-7am) and to sew one block a night for Gianna’s quilt. Except Wednesdays…. The marathon day. The plan on Wednesday is just to get through it!

School is going well for the kids so far. Gianna has speech team tryouts tomorrow. Softball with her new team is going very well. Dj had a lot of homework over the weekend but he’s keeping up so far. Religion and Spanish seem to be the most challenging because they are so foreign to him. We began flash cards this weekend for Spanish. He also got a second trumpet position in varsity band. Only one freshman got a first trumpet position. He’s already memorized the first part of the school song. The Star Spangled Banner is tough though, and needs a lot of work to hit those high notes. He has two more weeks until the first home football game so there is still time to practice those two songs.


One Response to “More Knitting”

  1. bsburgess August 28, 2013 at 11:52 AM #

    Love that recycle scarf!

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