Last Day

18 Aug

Tomorrow starts school for all of us! The summer went by quickly as usual. My labs still need more fine tuning, but I’m going out again today for an hour to do just that. All my classes are set up in Blackboard (our classroom management system). Podcasts have been recorded. Syllabi are ready to go over. As for my own kids, they have clothes, schedules, supplies. It’s got to be nerve racking for both of them. Gianna switches classes for her subjects for the first time. Dj is in his first year of high school. I hope everything goes well for him especially. He’s the one I’m most nervous about.

I’ve been addicted to knitting the Hitchhiker scarf. I’ve made quite a bit of progress by just doing 5 minutes here and there.


I’m halfway through the number of points but not half done with the scarf. It gets bigger as you go. Once I finish with that ball of yarn, I’ll be halfway. It’s a nice squishy scarf and the variegated yarn really hides my mistakes! Mistakes with garter stitch? I tend to speed up and go through the stitch below the one that’s on my needle. Which produces a stockinette stitch. I correct them when I see them, but I’ve missed a few. šŸ˜Š

What’s on today’s agenda? Golf driving range for both kids and me, softball practice for Dan and Gianna, and marking DJ’s school supplies. I think Dj needs a new book bag too. So some shopping might be in order.

And some more knitting…


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