Not Much Happening

6 Aug

I got sick the weekend and have been doing absolutely nothing but laying around and reading.  I’m much better today but don’t feel much like sewing.  It’s a good thing though, because I really need to get a move on the semester starting.

I’ve been imaging drives for the lab.

????????This is my setup on my kitchen table.  I have a master image loaded on the computer.  I opened up the case and added another SATA cable and attached another hard drive.  I then run software that images the master onto the added drive.  It would be faster to do it at work in the lab, but then I am at work and not in the comfort of my own kitchen.  🙂  I go out to the college and get 50 of these hard drives and bring them home and get them imaged here.  And, I shouldn’t use the word “I”.  Gianna loves this job.  She takes over and does it most of the time.  I’m over half done with the first lab.  We’ll finish the other half today I’m sure.

Dan moved offices at work.  He no longer has a wall big enough for his wall hanging so he brought it home.

????????This is an oldie but goodie.  I looked at the label – 2004!  I didn’t have my long arm then.  This was quilted on my domestic machine using invisible thread.  I took a class a a guild retreat on how to use a 60 degree ruler.  I made it from scraps because I didn’t think it would turn out.  My husband loved the 3D look and asked me to finish it for his office.  Now that he doesn’t have room for it in his office, where will I put it?  I’m not sure I can fit it in my office either.  Hmmm…  I’ll have to think this through.

I haven’t loaded “Gettysburg” on my long arm although I did purchase backing and batting.  I am slowly sewing the rows together for the barn raising Scrappy Trips top.  I’m kind of burnt out right now so I’m only sewing for 1/2 hour a day at the most.  If I was on a deadline or if I absolutely loved the project, it would get done faster.  But it’s getting done and that’s a good thing.


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