26 Jul

The Scrap Squad #4 quilt is pieced and ready to load on the longarm!  Whew!

I can only show the completed top after it’s posted on Quiltmaker Magazine’s website but I can tell you that I really LOVED making this quilt.  The designer is Donna Benham.  I would piece another quilt designed by her.  Quiltmaker is labeling this an “Intermediate” pattern.  It was easy – just lots of pieces and borders.

Speaking of borders…. there are FIVE!  I put on the first two and thought, “Does that look a little wavy?”  I laid it on the floor and YES IT DID!  I stopped and went to bed trying to think of WHY it was wavy and what I could do besides take out a day’s worth of work.  I got up the next day and said, “Nope – no other solution besides unsewing.”  When adding that many border to a quilt, I need to take my time and measure on a floor in THREE places.  Then I need to find the center and quarter marks for each side and border and make the border fit.  I tend to stretch when I press/iron the borders after they’ve been sewn so I have to remind myself NOT TO DO THAT.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the corners.

????????This baby lies pretty darned flat.  Best I’ve done in a while.

Do you like scrappy borders and setting triangles?  I’m not usually very fond of them but this is called the “Scrap Squad” so only the red is consistent throughout the quilt.  EVERYTHING ELSE, including the other 4 borders, is scrappy.  I used up LOTS of fabrics and only had to purchase 2 fat quarters to complete this twin sized top.

One Response to “DONE!”

  1. bsburgess July 26, 2013 at 10:23 PM #

    Done and Awesome is great!!

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