Scrappy Setting Triangles

24 Jul

The pattern that I’m working with calls for the top to be set on point.  The setting triangles are all made from the same fabric and are partially paper pieced.  I wanted my setting triangles to be scrappy.  I didn’t want to cut a 14″ square then quarter it because I would waste 3 triangles.  PLUS I was working with fat quarters and scraps and didn’t have 14″ of fabric in many cases.  So what to do?

I cut a 14″ piece of paper (had to tape a couple pieces together) then cut it on both diagonals.

????????I then taped the correct size triangle to the bottom of my ruler.

????????Now…. what size to cut my strip of fabric?  Well the height of the triangle from tip to base is 1/2 of 14″ or 7″ since the tip is the exact center of that square.  Therefore I cut my fabric strip at 7″ and then lined up my ruler as shown below.

????????Because of my camera angle, it looks like the tip is cut off.  But it’s not.  It fit perfectly.  🙂


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