21 Jul

Both kids set off for academic camps today. DJ and Dan went to to the Illinois Math and Science Academy. Dan texted and said DJ will fit right in. All geeks there – just like DJ! DJ left without looking back. He’s very independent like that. He may text or call – or not. I like that he is so independent but I still worry about him.

Gianna and I drove to Western Illinois University for her camp. She is very quiet and shy. She has texted tonight that she is a bit homesick. I think she will do just fine, but it’s hard to tell. She was originally supposed to go with another girl from her school, but the girl copped out on her. There are a possible three outcomes: she will adjust; she will stick it out but be miserable; she will ask to come home. I think she will be fine during the day when they are busy but the nights are hard. They are in cabins in the wilderness – not dorms. I think that she might be a little frightened of that situation also.

What am I going to do? Quilt. Work. Clean.. Just kidding on that last one…


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