Love Entwined Part 2

15 Jul

Esther Aliu has released part two of her 18 month Block-of-the-Month (BOM) called “Love Entwined”.

First of all – it’s a coverlet and not a quilt. I’ve mentioned this before. The difference is that a coverlet is kind of like a tapestry – heavily appliqued or pieced with little white space for quilting. It is never actually quilted but laid like a sheet over the bed for summer months. I like quilts. I don’t care for the really busy design of a coverlet. However I do like certain parts of this one and I’ll pick and choose which parts I complete.

For example – love the center compass. I modified it to make it easier on my piecing. I left out the dots for now that surround the compass. They are VERY SMALL and I didn’t think it was worth the trouble to put them on. I may change my mind.

In the above step – note the asymmetry of those pink flowers. That drives me nuts! The reason they are asymmetrical is because of the applique that will eventually go in the corners. I like the applique in the corners and can fill the negative space with quilting so I don’t plan on doing those pink flowers.

How about the other flowers branching out of those rounded triangles? Maybe… Maybe I’ll just do circles there!

Love the zigzag border! I will definitely keep that as is.

How do you get this pattern? You need to join her Yahoo! group. She distributes it free for one month. After that, she takes it off the group and charges for each step or for the pattern as a whole at the end.


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