One Star Done

7 Jul


I really enjoy that big stitch or utility quilting.  It goes quickly and I like the looks of it.  I’m using the Aurifil gold variegated thread shown in the top picture for the stitching. I don’t like to quilt with variegated thread when I machine quilt but really like it when I hand quilt.  Weird, huh?  The curved lines you see in the negative space is my basting.  I baste using my long arm and only remove it when I come to that area.  Since I still can’t decide what to do with the negative space surrounding each star, I have to leave that basting in.  One star done – 11 to go.  🙂

My quilting friend, Annette, came over a few days ago to get advice on how to proceed with her quilt top.  It’s gorgeous!


This was a Block-of-the-Month from a quilt shop out of Texas I believe.  The quilt shop was destroyed by one of the many hurricanes/tornadoes/weather systems that has hit our nation in the past years so she never received all the block kits.  She set them on point and them was wondering how to proceed.  My kitchen table with leaves is big enough to fit the top so we taped it down and, using a laser, drew in the line for that last purple border.  Each block is only 8″ square.  Most of the pieces are itty-bitty.  Her piecing is perfect.  Man, she’s good!

My daughter’s all-star team lost in last night’s game.  It’s double elimination so she plays again tonight.  She wasn’t scheduled to pitch last night but our starting pitcher was very off.  At 8-0 (them) and  no outs in the first inning, the coach put in Gianna to pitch.  She had warmed up in the morning at home but not before the game!  She did wonderfully!  She got them out of that inning and also pitched the next inning.  In the two innings she pitched, she only walked 2 or 3 batters.  That’s really good for her.  I think she had 3-4 strike outs also.  They took her out in the third inning because it was a lost cause at that point.  The other team was WAY out of our league.  Tonight they play again against a team that is about equal to us if we bring our “A” game.  “OUR” – like I’m playing.  LOL


One Response to “One Star Done”

  1. bsburgess July 7, 2013 at 9:36 PM #

    I really love the big stitch quilting! I also love the quilt. Annette’s quilt is awesome looking too. Love the curved borders.

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