Two New Projects

10 Jun

I finished my Scrap Squad Quilt #3. It was on time (barely) but still – on time.

I am working on another quilt with a deadline.  It’s a signature quilt for a friend.  I have all the signature blocks done except ONE!  We were originally planning on having 40+ signatures but only ended up with 30.  So I had to change my original design to add some filler blocks. Here’s what I have done so far.


The double pinwheel blocks were created from the leftover “bonus” triangles made when I cut off the corners of the signature blocks.  I thought about just making regular pinwheels but I liked the change in scale.  The fabric is from a fat quarter pack that I purchased from Keepsake Quilting.  It’s really beautiful batik fabric.  I need to shop today for possible sashing fabric and border fabric.  If I can’t find sashing fabric, the top will be unsashed.  If I can find something I like then it will be sashed.  If I can get that last signature block today also, I can finish this top this week and possibly quilt it up!  🙂

As my leader and ender project, I started a mystery QOV.  The mystery has been solved long ago so I know what it will look like.  I cut out the pieces and had intentions of following along but school just got the best of me.  I like the way the QOV turned out so I’m slowly piecing it along with this quilt top.  So far I have 29 four-patches out of 96 that I need for the first step or clue.


I’m piecing the four-patches the old fashioned way by actually using 2.5″ squares instead of strip piecing.  I pulled most of the squares from my 2.5″ square pile that I’ve been collecting.  The next step is to put these four-patches into 16-patches.  I think that can get done this week with the signature quilt.

Gianna starts basketball camp in the mornings this week at St. Bede.  She has been fighting a cold or allergies.  She was sick with flu-like symptoms on Saturday and then broke out into spots (chicken-pox-like spots) on Sunday.  She’s already had the chicken-pox though.  They didn’t hurt or itch.  It wasn’t a rash because they were so random on her trunk.  Weird.

I’m going to teach DJ a bit of tennis during that time I think.  🙂


One Response to “Two New Projects”

  1. Kim June 10, 2013 at 9:55 AM #

    Totally awesome!! The colors look wonderful. Also, I can’t seem to comment on the June 3 post I believe but I really like the quilt squares on the right. They are beautiful looking. Everything you do is amazing and beautiful.

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