Hand Quilting

22 May

I’m continuing to plant and to get the outside yard “summer ready” but I’ve been taking breaks to hand quilt each day.  My new plan is to set a timer on my phone for 15 minutes.  I sit down and quilt until the timer goes off – after each meal, first thing in the morning, after a softball game.  Slowly I’m making progress but you don’t really see it.

All of the light shells are 1/4" outlined.  I'm SID'ing now.

All of the light shells are 1/4″ outlined. I’m SID’ing now.

The plan is to SID the rest of the light shells.  Then in a ??  grey or dark tan color, I’ll SID the dark shells and make plumes come out the center.  Plumes can be radiating curved lines from the center or feather-like humps.  Either way, I think doing them differently will look good.

I will work all afternoon on my Scrap Squad #3 quilt top today.  A good solid three hours and I should have the blocks finished and the setting squares almost finished.  I hope….


One Response to “Hand Quilting”

  1. cloudcoucou May 24, 2013 at 5:22 PM #

    This is really pretty I love the scallops. You’ll get there in the end with the hand quilting and it will look amazing!

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