Almost Finished

11 May

One more day of finals and some extra grading to do – then I’m done with the semester.  I’m looking forward to getting my summer started.  I want to get the inside and outside of the house in order.  I have two pressing quilts with deadlines that must be pieced in the month of May yet!  But besides that?


I’ve been hand quilting this wall hanging for quite a while.  I’ve been trying to do 15 minutes a day lately to get it done.  The quilting isn’t that good.  I’m not that good at small stitches.  But you only get better by PPP – practice, practice, practice.  So I’m practicing on this piece.

I’m shopping for some navy fabric for borders for my hexagon pieced quilt top.  I think I’ll applique the center onto the borders.  That seems to be the best option.  Once I’m done with that, I’ll baste it for my next big stitch project.  I won’t start that one til the fall though.

We are headed out to see “Oliver” (the play) today.


One Response to “Almost Finished”

  1. Deborah May 13, 2013 at 5:02 AM #

    That’s a very nice design, and your quilting looks very good.

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