Scholastic Bowl

7 May

Last post about Scholastic Bowl – I promise!  🙂

Last night was the Parents vs. 8th graders Scholastic Bowl match at my son’s school.  To set the stage, four of the seven parents that played have advanced degrees.  My oldest daughter also played and she has a two-year community college degree. 

The results?  Well, read on…

We were winning right off the bat.  (BTW, I studied on Sunday. I studied state and European country capitals.  I reviewed some online questions.  I went over my geometry formulas for areas and perimeters of weird shapes. I didn’t want to be embarrassed!)  The game started out with the parents winning by a lot – over 100 points.  I started to feel bad.  I was thinking, “We should stop answering the toss ups or wait a bit to give the kids a chance.”  But that’s hard to do.  Right when you realize you know the answer, you instinctively buzz in!  So we didn’t let up.  But those stinkers crept up on us!  They slowly closed the gap and pretty soon we were on the last question and we were TIED!  The coach and moderator said, “It’s tied.  What do you say we call it a draw?  End the game here.”  I agreed.  Most of the parents and kids said, “NO!”  They wanted a clear winner!  Last toss up was read.  Something to do with Middle East geography/history.  No chance I knew that!  An 8th grader did though and then they knew 3 of the 4 bonus questions – beating the parents by 25 points! 

It was a lot of fun.  We played for two hours and the time flew by.  The kids were laughing and having so much fun.  The adults were laughing and having so much fun!  (In our area, adults laughing and having fun without alcohol involved is rare.)  The kids are really a great group of girls and boys (young women and men, I should say).  They are comfortable around adults and comfortable with themselves.  They are confident in their knowledge.  In the regular season, the girls are a little hesitant to answer.  Not yesterday.  The girls captained the team and played great! 

The parents ended the night by saying, “When do you want to play next?  We want to do this every week!”  🙂


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