More Updates

30 Apr

This is the most hectic week of the year so far!  Sheesh!  This working PLUS keeping up with the kids’ extra curricular activities is too much this week.


Yesterday, DJ and his 8th grade Scholastic Bowl team placed SECOND in sectionals!  They were the smallest school in their pool.  We barely made the Class AA cutoff. But they beat the first two teams easily – leading most of each game.  Sadly, the last team was just too good.  They stayed in the game and were competitive for the first half but ended up losing.  Bummer….

The parents are having a match against the 8th graders next Monday.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than beating 13-14 year olds!  LOL  Just kidding.  I’m going to have to study up and refresh some of my math and geography skills so I don’t embarrass myself.  😉

We also found out the results of the softball tournament from Sunday.  Gianna’s 12U team placed second.  She had another double header game last night in a town 45 minutes away.  Her homework was light so she was able to finish it up in the car on the way to the game.  She is in a slump.  She batted well – bunted twice and beat out the throw.  She struck out and hit one up the middle that was fielded.  So she’s doing okay there.  She has lost all confidence in her fielding though.  I can’t figure it out.  Her coaches yell a lot and she is intimidated by them.  Maybe that’s it.  I think if we ever get a breather here, we’ll take her to the field and hit some balls and try to get that confidence level back up.

What’s going on today?  Meetings for me that go past the dinner hour.  Music lessons for DJ.  That’s it – we should all be home by 7pm.  Whew…

On the quilting front?  Nada…


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