Two Sides

27 Apr
Center and two sides are now quilted

Center and two sides are now quilted

I just have two more sides and then I can bind this baby!  I won’t be done by April 30th.  I will make the original May 31st self-imposed deadline though.  The lines are 1″ apart throughout the entire quilt.  It’s done in a sloppy big stitch but it will be fine.  I’m not sure what the batting is.  I bought it at JoAnn’s – it has bamboo and cotton in it.  It’s not that easy to needle through.  It’s similar to Warm and Natural.  Next time I’ll break down and buy some wool.  However, it’s going to be my favorite quilt next fall and winter though because it is so soft and drapes so well.

On another note, last night was “Band-o-rama” which is a junior high band competition in our area.  I’m not sure if last night’s portion was judged or not.  But there were four local bands that played three pieces each. My son’s band (he plays the trumpet) did a good job on two of their songs.  I didn’t care for the third.  Our school has had three band directors in three years.  This one seems to know what he’s doing.  But the band has suffered from the previous ones and it’s pretty small.  Both kids play.  DJ plays trumpet and guitar.  There’s no jazz band so guitar isn’t in the concert band.  Gianna plays clarinet and piano.  She is in the 6th grade band so didn’t play in this concert either.  The band director has asked her to plan piano accompaniment with the concert band at graduation though.

I hope both kids continue with band in high school.  Or at least with music of some kind.  They both really enjoy playing instruments.  They also enjoy classical and purely instrumental music.  I think that’s cool.


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  1. Sonia April 27, 2013 at 12:07 PM #

    Very cool!

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