Busy Doing Nothing

19 Apr

It’s been a hectic week that has not involved blogging or quilting. I live in the heart of Illinois and we’ve been hit with the thunderstorms that are sweeping the Midwest and headed to the east coast. Every bridge going south across the Illinois River is closed except one. There is a lot of flooding in nearby towns and in basements. We have been spared. There is a creek that runs through our yard and that is running high and fast but is far away from the house.

In addition to the storms, work and life in general have prevented any quilting or sewing. I have been fighting a terrible neck, back, and head ache all week. I was able to schedule an appointment with my daughter, the massage therapist, this morning. It was a rough appointment but I do feel significantly better now.

On to some pictures.

My sister came down to drop off a quilt top to be quilted. I was in the middle of cleaning my sewing room so I can load this top ASAP. She also dropped off a whole grocery bag of shirts – half of which were already cut apart!


That’s good because I just finished cutting all the shirts I’ve picked up over the past month – either at Goodwill or by cleaning out my closets.


She also dropped off 13 of these blocks done up in scraps.

They are from a sew-in from her guild. I’ll put them together some how and add to them for a scrappy quilt to donate somewhere.

She’s tired of this background fabric so I added it to my stash.


And she gave me the African fabrics we won a number of years ago but could never figure out how to use and had no luck selling them.


There’s got to be something I can do with them, right? Even if I just strip them and add them to my stash is scrap strips. Use them up!

Okay, back to cleaning and organizing now. My posts will probably be scarce again this week. It’s another busy one coming up!


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