I Am In Love

13 Apr

I’ve been searching for hexagon quilts on Pinterest and there are so many that I want to make!  Here’s a picture of an 1840’s quilt that is to die for!

Pieced Quilt Mosaic Medallion 1840

Isn’t it awesome?  But to make it with 1″ hexagons – that quilt would be humongous!  So I redrew it in EQ for a lap sized quilt about 70″ square.

1840 Hexagon Quilt

I’ll start with this design and if I get that much done and still want to do more, then I can do that.  🙂  I know… stop laughing.   I can’t even start a project like this until my other hand projects are finished.  Right now that means my hand quilting project.  And speaking of that…. I am down to single digits!  What does that mean?  Less than 10 squares left to quilt!  (Before I have to tackle the borders that is.)  But I was projecting an end-of-May finish date for that project and now I’m shooting for end-of-April!


One Response to “I Am In Love”

  1. Nancy April 13, 2013 at 8:10 PM #

    Congrats on single digits for your hand quilting. How great to have your anticipated completion date a month sooner.
    For the new project–love it.
    Can’t wait to see your progress.
    Nancy in SC

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