Day 3

14 Mar

Well, technically it’s Day 4 right now but I’m reporting on the activity of Day 3 of my spring break.  The break is flying by much too quickly!

We’ll begin with the end of Day 2 – the Scholastic Bowl tournament.  My son’s team went 2-2.  Unfortunately.  They were totally DEAD the first match and lost badly to a team that is tough but that we’ve beaten in the past.  The second match was close.  At the risk of being a poor sport, the match was lost because of the moderator.  Honestly.  It was a one-question game the whole time.  They had a moderator who had obviously NOT pre-read the questions, mispronounced MANY words, and had never attended a bowl game in her life apparently because she didn’t know how to be a moderator at all.  She was relying on the high school kids who were timing and scoring to tell her what to accept and not to accept.  She didn’t know the rules.  It was very frustrating for the players and coaches (and spectators!).  The school replaced her right after the break.  So I’m not sure if she was just subbing because the original moderator couldn’t show up until the 3rd match or what.  Once the new guy got there, things went so much better.  He was used to being a moderator at the high school level and was great.  Our kids had supper between the 2nd and 3rd matches and that must have woke them up because they became “them” again.  🙂  So the team is 2-2 going into tonight’s matches.  We only have two matches tonight.  I don’t think we will win the tournament but we may place.

Sewing yesterday was VERY productive.  I was home alone and kicked out the entire center of the #2 Scrap Squad top.  I decided on a pieced border instead of the plain one and drew up my plan and sewed the blocks necessary for that.  Today I will attach that border and the top will be officially completed.  I’ll just quilt an all-over on it so it should be finished completely before the break is up.

No pictures for today’s post….   I haven’t done anything worthy of photographing.  I didn’t get around to loading the log cabin quilt to be basted.  I didn’t knit or hand applique at all.  Boring post…


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