Day 2

12 Mar

Kicking some quilting butt on the #2 Scrap Squad quilt!  I’m down to 6 blocks yet to piece.  I’m on schedule to finish the piecing this week.

I started knitting a scarf last week that’s been laying around for quite some time.  It’s a pattern I’ve knit before – One Row Lace Scarf.  The picture below shows the previous knit and blocked “cheddar” colored scarf alongside the “denim” colored one that I’m currently knitting.

????????What a difference blocking makes, huh?  The cheddar scarf was knit out of some cashmere blend that I got from unraveling and dyeing a Goodwill sweater.  The denim scarf is some sock yarn that is NOT 100% wool.  I’m not sure if it will block as nicely as the other one.  It’s mindless knitting with an easy pattern to memorize.  Dan and I have been hooked on a Netflix original series called “House of Cards”.  It’s excellent!  I’m sorry to say that I believe that it portrays an honest look at how our government really works.  I knit when watching that show because I don’t need the light on so there’s no glare.  I also don’t need my cheater glasses on when I knit simple projects.  🙂

Still haven’t decided on whether I’m hand quilting or machine quilting the log cabin quilt.  I’m going to get backing fabric today and will load it on the longarm tomorrow (I hope).  So I have another day to decide.  My daughters like the two hand quilted quilts that I have previously done.  And, I have to admit, they are soft and comfy.  I’m trying not to overquilt my machine quilts because they just aren’t as good to snuggle under when they are overquilted.


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