No Projects

6 Mar

That heading is a big, fat lie, of course.  I have quilting projects, school projects, home cleaning projects going on.  But nothing I can get into, you know?

I decided to clean my sewing room this week.  It’s a perpetual activity that never seems to result in an actual clean sewing room.  How does that happen?  Anyway…

I came across this UFO from last year (I think – maybe the year before?).

Baskets!  Sonia, close your eyes - I know how you hate baskets!

Baskets! Sonia, close your eyes – I know how you hate baskets!

This is a Blackbird pattern I believe.  However I can’t find the pattern nor the book – just my templates.  So I’m not sure if I bought the book/pattern or just improvised and drew my own after I saw other quilts from this pattern on the Internet or what.  The cleaning didn’t result in that information – just a plastic baggie with some of these block and the original templates that I cut out.

Why did I stop this project?

I flipped the block over and now I remember.

????????I used some kind of new-fangled washaway interfacing for the applique and guess what?  It wasn’t washaway after all.  I resoaked this block in cold water – then hot water.  Most of it washed away.  I scratched some of it away as you can tell.  But it’s still there.

Because it’s a non-woven, non-natural fiber/fabric, I was concerned about leaving it in.  Would I be able to quilt through it without too much bulk?  Would the fabric shrink but this not shrink and created a puckered look?

That’s why I put it away.

So I began experimenting.  What is the best way to applique these blocks?  Plain, old needle turn?  Freezer paper with glue?  Freezer paper with starch?  The technique where you baste from the back (the person who does this a lot is named the same as me but spelled differently – Jeanna or Jeana or something… can’t recall the last name)?  EDIT:  It came to me:  Kimball is her last name.

So I started playing.  Which resulted in 8 blocks!  🙂  I like the freezer paper with starch and the baste from the back methods the best.

Will I keep going?  I don’t know.  You know me and my attention span!  I still need to clean and straighten up some more.  I do have deadlines that need to be met but I seem to like stress because I have been procrastinating on actually finishing those projects.  Someone needs to light a fire under my butt!  (Figuratively….)

Oh well, that’s what next week will be all about.  I’m on spring break next week so I can spend next week getting down to business.  For now, I may keep playing!


2 Responses to “No Projects”

  1. Sonia March 7, 2013 at 9:13 AM #

    Too late, I looked! Great, now I can’t get that out of my head 😉 Luckily, your Sun Bonnet Sue blocks were given away a while ago. Sun Bonnet Sue carrying the baskets away would have been the perfect scenario.

    With all those problems of the initial “found” block, why would you want to keep pursuing that pattern. You can’t be that much of a fan of baskets, can you?

    • ginaquilts March 7, 2013 at 12:33 PM #

      You crack me up! How about a Sunbonnet Sue carrying a basket full of hexagon flowers! 🙂 I like the simplicity of the pattern and the finished quilts I see are fantastic!


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