24 Feb

No labels yet – I have three quilts that need labels.  But here are the two quilts I finished this week even though you are sick and tired of seeing them!


I didn’t crop the picture because I think its hilarious that my clam shell quilt (that I should be quilting but have been ignoring) is almost identical to the tumbling blocks quilt!

Scrappy red binding

Scrappy red binding

Last night around 10pm, I got severe chills and couldn’t breathe.  Every time I tried to take a deep breath I felt like someone was sitting on my chest.  I finally figured that I might be having an allergic reaction and Dan gave me a benadryl and some Advil and it subsided.  Dan thought I was being a baby and just had a cold coming on.  But I was shaking violently and could not get warm.  Anyway, this morning my 14yo got up and I asked how his sleeping was.  He said bad – then he described having the exact same symptoms that I had!  It had to be an allergic reaction to something that both of us ate ??  I don’t know but it’s weird.  I feel fine this morning and he feels okay – kind of thinks he’s getting a cold but nothing too bad.

We are spending the morning picking out summer camps the kids want to attend.  Enrollment begins tomorrow in the IMSA (Illinois Math and Science Academy) camps and they fill up immediately.  I hope we can get DJ into one of those this year.

I pieced together two more backings yesterday morning. One is for the plaid string quilt.  The other is for a quilt that two ladies made a work and I agreed to quilt.  I’ll load the latter today and get that started – maybe even finished today.  It’s my project this week.


One Response to “Finishes”

  1. Karen February 24, 2013 at 9:45 AM #

    at first I thought it was a smaller version of the same quilt until I took a second look – beautiful for all

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