Log Cabin Blocks

21 Feb

Just to repeat the obvious, I didn’t stop with the 24 log cabin blocks that I showed earlier.  Of course not.  I kept going and made 15 more so I have 39.  Weird number huh?  Not really if you want to do some funky layouts.  🙂  Like these that I designed in EQ.

log cabin 1

log cabin 2

log cabin 3

log cabin 5

I originally had visions of NOT sharing these here and making some spectacular quilt that I would submit to publishers and they would say, “My how great!  I must publish that quilt!”  But… then I woke up and said, “Really?  It’s the log cabin block.  It’s not like someone couldn’t figure this out on their own, right?”  Now, if I see see one of these in a magazine published by someone else, I’m going to be ticked!  LOL

Here are some crappy iPad pictures of the two leading contestants right now.

Sideways because that's the way my design wall is oriented.

Sideways because that’s the way my design wall is oriented. Looks like a large spool of thread or bow tie.

I like this one because I think it will look 3D when completed.

I like this one because I think it will look 3D when completed.

Will I set the blocks in RED?  I don’t know.  I should give the red a rest.  🙂  I will search in my stash and see if there’s any color that I have enough of already to use as setting squares and border.  I’ll audition those first and see how they look.  Then I’ll start sewing these together while using my Scrap-Squad-Next-Project pieces as leaders and enders.  Killing two birds with one stone…  (There’s got to be a better saying that I can use than that…)

P.S.  I haven’t given up on the “getting published” idea yet.  I have plenty of “original designs” drawn up that could be candidates.  😉



One Response to “Log Cabin Blocks”

  1. bsburgess February 22, 2013 at 6:20 PM #

    Wow, at first I didn’t like the striped one but I really like the layout. I didn’t like the red. You have so many good ideas for publishing so stick to it.

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