Hectic Days

20 Feb

Man, these days are flying by.  Every day is jam packed filled with work, quilting, kids’ activities…  Sleep would be nice some time.  It’s been a few nights of bad sleep for me and I could use a solid night coming up here to maintain my health – mental and physical.

The boys’ science fair project has been submitted.  They will present to the local judges on Friday.  Here is their board.


Parents are allowed to “assist”.  And we did.  Dan printed out the title banners at work so they looked professional.  I supervised the mounting and centering.  Luckily for my kids, I spend a fortune on quilting supplies and have the necessary tools like rotary cutters and square rulers.  But the boys did all the printing and sizing and graphs in Excel, etc.  DJ glued and helped me align them perfectly on the board.  I showed the kids how to do the math to center things.  I always justify helping because the important thing is the paper and the research and knowing the topics.  I don’t know too many scientists who get out the construction paper and glue and present like this anymore!

I loaded the “Strawberry Lemonade” baby quilt and quilted it up.  It’s lightly quilted and looks good I think.


We live with the poorest lighting!  My husband likes it dark – I think he’s a vampire.  So if I don’t get a photo in the daytime, it’s nearly impossible to see what’s what.

Maybe this one is better for the detail

Maybe this one is better for the detail

Not bound yet – no one to give it to.  Anyone need a baby quilt?


2 Responses to “Hectic Days”

  1. Dot Kuffel February 20, 2013 at 11:09 PM #

    Am enjoying your blog! I’m almost ready to plan baby quiltS–twin greatgrandbabies due in May!!! Dot

    • ginaquilts February 21, 2013 at 6:30 AM #

      Dot, nice to hear from you! Twins!

      Sent from my iPad

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