8 Feb

Just thought I’d start my Friday with some random thoughts.

1. Becky’s Majestic Garden interpretation is on Quiltmaker’s blog today. Click here to see pictures and her narratative. I LOVE her quilt! I’m a sucker for RWB quilts anyway but this one just sings! Is it the large star in the middle? Is it the way the added inner borders break up the “busy-ness”? Or is it her combination of creams with light blue that make the whole thing sparkle? This interpretation will go in my favorite file for sure! Go check it out!

2. We have the stomach flu virus starting at my house. DJ had it yesterday. I was at an off campus meeting all day followed by night class so Dan was in charge yesterday. Today I am home with whomever decides to be sick next.

3. There was a mistake with the next scrap squad quilt we are to make. We were given the quilt #3 pattern instead of quilt #2. No big deal. I’ve got 6 blocks done and 2 more kitted up. I’ll finish the ones kitted up and then box this project up. I actually wanted to make a large version of the now quilt #3 so this gives me more time to do that. But that means I need to look seriously at quilt #2’s pattern and come up with a plan.

4. Today I will finish quilting my tumbling blocks quilt! That sounds like a good plan! That quilt has been on my long arm too long and needs to be finished. I may even cut binding and attach it.

5. I have 500 things to do for work today too so maybe the entire quilt won’t get done and I’ll have to change that to this weekend instead of today. 🙂

Happy Friday! Stay well at your house!


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