A Lot Of Nothing

2 Feb

I played with EQ all night last night so a lot of nothing got accomplished. Here are some random, disconnected things though.

1. The kids have begun practice for the spring musical. They have practice every Friday night so Dan and I will have a date night now on Fridays. On tonight’s date night, we went to the grocery store. We are the wild couple, aren’t we? We did eat at the deli restaurant so that’s what made it a date night out. 🙂

2. I have been looking for music fabric and black on white fabric. Look what came in the mail today.

Jackpot! I ordered these from eQuilter.com. EQuilter donates a percentage of your purchase to one of five charities. (I think it is 1%.). I like that. And the prices are reasonable. I even got a few on sale.

3. Jane and I had to have a talk about these last two blocks.


The top one is supposed to have very pointy diamonds in the plaid parts. No way. Mine refuse to turn out. The bottom one: the outer diamonds are supposed to be larger. That made no sense to me. So I had to have a chat with Jane and she totally gave me permission to change those blocks. She said it was called “artistic interpretation”. So there we have it. I can leave them as is. No quilt police will say I cheated because I didn’t follow her pattern exactly, right? I’m already violating the quilt police laws by making the blocks 6″ instead of 4.5″. Whew. Pressure is off there, huh?


One Response to “A Lot Of Nothing”

  1. Karen February 2, 2013 at 9:09 AM #

    LOL – I sometimes think I would have had a much easier time with my Janes if I had made them 6 inches instead of the 4.5 — on that particular block you show I had so much trouble with it! My diamonds were not perfect – but who the heck is going to notice in a quilt with so much stuff going on in it!!

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