Weekend Projects

1 Feb

If you’re coming here for the first time from Quiltmaker’s blog, WELCOME!  If you’re a regular and wondering why I’m asking that question, it’s because today was my first online post for the Quiltmaker Magazine blog.  I blogged about a pattern that the magazine sent to me from the March/April issue.  I reworked the pattern using scraps and fabrics that I had on hand.  Here is the finished project.

Original on the left; my quilt on the right

Original on the left; my quilt on the right

Same pattern!  Cool, huh?  There are going to be 7 more women who will feature their interpretation of the pattern in the next seven weeks.  They are awesome – make sure you check back to the Quiltmaker site regularly to see them!

So… what’s on my docket for the weekend?  I’m not sure.  I can continue with Jane.   And I may.  I have 99 of the 169 completed.  It’s taken me 3 years to get the 99 done.  But, who’s in a race here?  I know my attention span and how I get frustrated when the blocks aren’t turning out as I want them to.  I may pick it up and put it down off and on for another 3 years.  99 seems like a huge number of blocks (and it is!) but it’s only 59% completed.  And that’s not including assembling the blocks.  Sigh… it’s a process, right?  🙂

A couple weeks ago I sat down and designed a few quilts on Electric Quilt.  I was just in the mood to play.  One of the blocks that I was going to use was “Sister’s Choice”.  I love that block.  So I designed a quilt top using that block and another and then started coloring in the pieces.  What looks good on the computer doesn’t necessarily look good in real life.  So I made four sample blocks using scraps from my bin.


Because I’m a “red and yellow” kind of gal, the original design was the lower left one.  But now that I see the others, that’s my least favorite one!  RWB is my standard – I mean, who doesn’t love a patriot quilt?  But I’m really intrigued by the two on the right.  Two of my quilting goals this year is to (1) Use colors that I don’t normally use and (2) use fabrics other than white and tan as my background fabric.  Both of those qualify!  With the purple and green block, I’d need to stick with lime/green apple green.  The olive colors just looked yuck.  That cheddar background one just jumps out at me.  Isn’t it funny how I’m using about the same colors in the upper left and lower right, but they look so different!

So this weekend I may play a bit with this design and I may make a few more Jane blocks.  I still have my tumbling blocks quilt loaded on the long arm so it’s about time that got finished too.  And the plaid string quilt?  Whip up some more of those blocks too…  Hmm… It looks like I have a busy quilting weekend ahead of me.  I hope my family wasn’t planning on me cooking or cleaning or anything.



One Response to “Weekend Projects”

  1. Bonnie in Virginia February 1, 2013 at 12:46 PM #

    Hi Gina: I saw your post on Quilty Pleasures. Congratulations on finishing your first Scrap Squad quilt. It is gorgeous…although I must say I like the way the star points went into the border that you chose not to do. Honestly, I wouldn’t have done it either with a directional print. Now, on to the 4 blocks you were playing with. I LOVE the cheddar background — and some how I didn’t fall in love with it with all the time Bonnie Hunter plays with and uses it. And, I do like the blue/purple with the green block too. They both SING.

    One additional suggestion. Your link from Quilty Pleasures goes to a misc. post from 2011 or so not to your home page. You might want to get that changed to your home page. Unless it was a fluke of my computer! Congratulations on a great quilt.

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