25 Jan

I don’t have face-to-face classes on Fridays this semester.  I usually have meetings and other stuff, but today I could work from home.  I like that.  🙂  Although I’m not a very good work-from-homer.  I don’t get much done in the time allotted.  I screw around too much.

Today was no exception.  I started out the day by taking the kids to school then going downstairs for 45 minutes of sewing.  It turned into an hour.  Then I toodled around the house before deciding that I would waste the morning away and work in the afternoon!  See what I mean?

I went fabric shopping this morning.  I “need” (obviously a relative word) to replenish my fabric stash of neutrals and black on white.  I am always looking for music themed fabrics since both of my younger ones are musicians.  Here’s what I came home with after visiting two quilt shops.


See?  Not too bad.  I got a lot on sale.  Only one black on white – no music fabric.  But I’m set on neutrals for a while.  And my bill was right around $50.  I had to buy 1 yard cuts of the sale fabric.  I purchased 1/2 yard cuts of the non-sale fabric and three fat quarters.  Off to the laundry room they go – then pressed and stored. 

Okay… now it’s officially afternoon so I am going to work on classes for next week.  Really… I am…


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