Meeting Day

11 Jan

Classes did not start today but we had our first day.  We call this our “In Service” day.  It’s 8:00am – 4:00pm of non-stop meetings.  If that’s not enough by itself to put me in a bad mood (I hate meetings – what a waste of time), a large part of the information dissemination had to do with “what to do if there’s an active shooter on campus”.  In light of the recent news, this is a highly applicable topic, but not a pleasant one.  We also covered what to do about students who violate the the code of conduct and might present problems that escalate into violent situations.  We talked about arming our security guards  (we are evidently one of the few community colleges who have unarmed security guards).  After all that, my stomach was in knots. 

Classes are ready to go on Monday…



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