My Favorite Sport

10 Jan

Practice for my favorite sport begins this week for my kids.  SCHOLASTIC BOWL!   Okay, so it’s not a sport.  But it should be!

Man, we love Scholastic Bowl at our house!  It’s officially called Academic Team in junior high in Illinois.  Was it always called that or did they recently change it?  Our school has a 7th grade team and an 8th grade team.  DJ is on the eighth grade team.  He’s good.  🙂  He’s good because he has such an eclectic knowledge base.   And…. good news…. my sixth grader, Gianna, was asked to join the seventh grade team!  Woot, woot!  She and three other 6th graders may be on the team if there isn’t an over abundance of seventh graders trying out.  She has a good knowledge base but her problem is that she’s worried that it may be the wrong answer so she holds back instead of blurting out.  DJ just rings in quickly and therefore gets the point.

Anyway, it should be fun.  We are going to juggle that with the musical/play practices coming up.  Both kids have instrument lessons and Gianna also has year-round softball.  It’s a lot and deep down I get worried that it’s too much.  But they both continue to be A students and that will always be our first priority.

My classes are shaping up.  I have the first day done for all classes.  That’s always good.  I only am concerned about one class.  It’s a new class on routers and I can’t seem to get into the software package to set up my class.  Email to the book publisher and router education department have gone unanswered for a while now and so I’m a bit concerned.  Classes do start on MONDAY, and this class is my very first one.  Besides that, I have a dozen MS Servers to set up and that’s all.  This semester I am teaching Core Networking Technologies (prepares for the Network+ exam), Intro to MS Server 2008, TCP/IP and Security,  Routers, and a portfolio class that we call “Specialty Servers” but it’s really an independent class on making heterogeneous workstations and servers talk to each other.  I teach Monday through Thursday and Thursday night.  No online classes this semester.  It will be a lot of prep and very busy, but they are all fun classes.

I finished the center of the quilt top I’ve been working on for the Scrap Squad.  I have been auditioning borders.  The great thing about putting blocks in a top together is that I need to make a lot of leader/ender blocks in the process.  I’ve been making those half square triangle blocks for the North by Northwest quilt top since I need over 1000.  I keep a running tally – I have 355 done!  Another woot! woot!  I made a few more 6″ blocks early this morning.

SI’m not sure how many of these I have done.  Not enough – I can guarantee you of that.  But I do like this project a lot and will continue to plug away at it making these half square triangles as leaders when putting the borders on the other top.

I have not touched Easy Street.  I’ll get back to that project next.  Really I will… It won’t become a UFO regardless of what you’re thinking…


One Response to “My Favorite Sport”

  1. quiltedhappiness January 11, 2013 at 5:35 PM #

    They are looking good. I struggle sometimes to be a blue girl, but when I see all those blues together, I really like it!

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