29 Dec

It ended up measuring 61″ x 63″. I decided not to hand quilt it – too many seams! I’m going to cut some backing and load it right away on to the longarm. I think I’ll quilt an all over pattern on it. The binding will be the same as the border fabric.

Now what? Well, I put the bow tie leader ender project back on the wall.

I got a lot of leader and ender piecing done when putting rows together on the Glint quilt and on the tumbling blocks quilt! I have a lot of bow ties cut and ready to make so I think I’ll make one more row and then put on red borders and maybe a pieced border of four patches. Then another red border. We’ll see…

I also printed and pieced some hexagon flowers using Inklingo so I put that project on the design wall to see where I stand there.


That’s an “everything but the kitchen sink” scrappy quilt! I didn’t do a great job of mixing the values. See how it looks in black and white?

I have pools of values. I still think it looks good. I have more flowers done and ready to add. I need to piece more dark flowers. I don’t think I’ve repeated flower fabrics yet but I might have to start. Or buy more fabric!

Finally, I have been stripping a little fabric each day from the scrap bin. It’s gone down a bit and is no longer overflowing.


Gianna says I blog too much about quilting and need to add some family and other interests once in a while. :-). Does she not understand my sickness? Sigh…


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