Long Silence

23 Dec

I haven’t blogged in a week because I’ve been so busy!  Finals just ended on Monday for me.  There was a lot of grading to still do on the finals so I wasn’t entirely finished until Thursday.  Now I have a couple of weeks off and am already loving the time to myself and my family!

We had our Christmas here last night.  It was wonderful!  My oldest son’s girlfriend couldn’t make it but everyone else came.  Dan made prime rib roast.  It’s expensive but was wonderful as usual.  Mia made an appetizer and so did I.  We had prime rib, baked potatoes (sweet or regular), green beans and Olive Garden salad. Gianna and I made cookies for dessert.  We opened up presents after supper.  It’s unusual for us to have our Christmas early but I wanted to try this so we could actually spend some time with each other and relax instead of the hustle bustle that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ends up being.  I’m not sure if the kids will want it every year but I really liked it.  We’ll have to see.

Santa brought two new games.

Fun Game!  Get it!

Fun Game! Get it!

This is an awesome game because, of course, I won!  I think I would have liked it even if I didn’t win.  🙂


This one we played in teams and it was easier. We are very much a game playing family.  Everyone is very loud and obnoxious and VERY COMPETITIVE!  I don’t know where they get it from….(me, whistling and turning my head….)

Mia asked for This quilt when I die.


It’s an oldie moldie.  I have no idea when I made it because it’s not labeled.  I’m going to go back through the pictures stored on our server and try to pinpoint a date/year.  It’s her favorite because it’s so soft.  I machine quilted in the ditch around the blocks on my regular sewing machine (didn’t have a long arm then) and then hand quilted the rest.  She remembers it in the hoop for a very long time.  You can’t see the pattern but it has wreathes in the plain blocks and 1/4″ in the sister’s choice blocks.

Well that created some controversy because evidently it’s Dan’s favorite too.  Gianna chimed in that she loved it because it’s so soft also.  I think that’s because it’s hand quilted.  I should hand quilt more.  Anyway, I’m going to make repairs, label it, and give it to her BEFORE I die.  LOL  Next year’s goal is going to have to be to hand quilt another quilt bigger than a wall hanging.  🙂

What about my other projects?  They are moving along slowly with all this Christmas preparations. Here is my design wall


Glint, to the right, is sewn together.  I don’t care for the borders in the mystery pattern but I’ve come up with my own to add – maybe this week some time.  I’m up to date on the other mystery – Easy Street.  The blocks continue to get added slowly to the tumbling blocks quilt.

For the past two days I’ve been going through the scrap bin and cutting my scraps into strips and squares.


After 1.5 hours of pressing and cutting, it’s still overflowing.  In fact, I think it’s grown!  I fluffed it up by disturbing the contents and it’s bigger than ever.  I am going to cut at least 1/2 hour a day and see if I can’t get some of that bucket reduced and organized a bit.  I’m also running some of that fabric through my printer for Inklingo hexagons.  I’ve done about a dozen so far.  I WILL finish that flower project in 2013 and that may be a candidate for hand quilting.  🙂  I have such dreams of completion, don’t I?  In reality, completions are few and far between here.  Oh well.  I’m enjoying the process.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!


One Response to “Long Silence”

  1. Rachaeldaisy December 24, 2012 at 12:19 AM #

    Merry Christmas to you too!! I love whats happening on your design wall! Those games sound fun!

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