8 Dec

You know I started that tumbling blocks quilt. Who did I think I was fooling when I said I was testing it out for a future project?



Oh so worth it because it’s awesome! 🙂 I have the one clunker that I didn’t see until I took the picture. The medium brown plaid smack dab in the middle of what I’ve got done. It is too dark to be a medium. Luckily, not everything is put together yet. I have them sewn into long rows and then four rows joined together. I can easily remove that clunker because it’s on an edge.

What about my other projects? The only one that is suffering because of the new quilt is the bow tie quilt. And that’s fine. It’s supposed to be a leader and ender quilt anyway. I can take my time with that one.

The next clues were posted in the two mysteries. I got a jump on Glint this morning.


We are putting together two different blocks. The last clue besides the optional borders is next Friday. I will have no problem finishing that top! I like it so far.

I have not started on the next clue for Easy Street. That may have to wait. Final exams start mid-week and I have to make up quite a few this weekend.


One Response to “Liar”

  1. Lee December 8, 2012 at 1:08 PM #

    A Tumbling Blocks quilt is on my ‘some day’ to do list, I love how they look, and yours is looking very nice. Funny, I didn’t specifically notice the one you call a ‘clunker’ until you mentioned it and had to go back and look. Now that it’s focused on, I find more distinctly noticeable is the plaid rather than the intensity. Either way, I think your quilt will be beautiful – clunker or not!

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