Glint -Next Clue

1 Dec

I am frustrated over making the flying geese units, so I switched projects. The next clue for Glint was released and I got up this morning and put together 40 of these “wings”.

The half square triangles were pieced already from the first clue. I just had to add the half square triangles on either side. Next, those units get attached to all four sides of a red square to form 10 blocks. I should be able to get those completed today.

I don’t know why I’m struggling with these stinking flying geese for the other quilt top. Bonnie Hunter is a big advocate of the flying geese ruler where you cut out these units.


I have 53 of the 128 finished but I have to throw away 1 in 5 because they are so off in size! Sometimes they are too small and sometimes too big. I’d like to master this method because it makes sense to start with strips of a normal size plus it wastes the least amount of fabric. But I may switch to a different method and see if I get better results with less frustration.

Today is going to be BEAUTIFUL here in midstate Illinois. It should reach up to 60 degrees! On December 1st! We are scheduled to put up the outside Christmas lights. We may even go to the park and practice softball with Gianna. We won’t get too many more of these days. Winter is coming….


2 Responses to “Glint -Next Clue”

  1. Nancy December 1, 2012 at 1:56 PM #

    HI Gina,

    I too have been frustrated with the flying geese units. I checked my cutting of the pieces and they are good. I had NO acceptable units.

    I needed to adjust my seam allowance to a larger one.

    With the Easy Street 4 patches my normal seam allowance yields perfectly sized units, no stress.

    But these are another story.

    Try adjusting your seam allowance a couple of threads or so larger and see what happens.

    Most of units sewn with the new larger allowance are spot on, Cue the happy dance.

    Also I found that I need to use a stilleto to get the points just right at the end of the seam. Otherwise they are wonky and cause the unit to be skewed.

    I am also working on Glint but started later so I am a couple of clues behind but loving it.

    Do you know if it is possible to purchase earlier mystery instructions. They are so perfectly suited for QOV quilts.

    Hope you have a great weekend and this information helps.

    Nancy in Sunny SC

    • ginaquilts December 1, 2012 at 4:03 PM #

      I think lining up the end of the second piece is helping with the size. Either that or my tolerance is higher because very few were thrown away today. I love the Glint quilt! I can guess the next step but won’t post it. I’m not sure I would not have tackled it if it wasn’t a mystery because it’s rather challenging.

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