27 Nov

WW – not to be confused with George W. (I crack myself up!). WW stands for Weight Watchers. Yep. Gotta jump back onto that wagon. Someone, who shall remain nameless, ate way too much on Thanksgiving weekend. Sigh… It goes on so easily, doesn’t it? It might be tough to lose any kind of major weight over the next month, but at least I can try. I can start by NOT eating an entire half of a pecan pie by myself!

We are also tightening our belts around here in the financial area. I really want to redo our two bathrooms some time in the near future. We have been going out to eat too much and just nickel and dime-ing ourselves to death in general. So we are in thrift mode starting this week. I’m on a fabric diet but that won’t be hard for me. I have a lot of fabric.

My “other” mystery quilt is the only outstanding project I need to work on during the week this week. By “other” I mean the Mystery for Military Yahoo! Group quilt. It’s name is Glint evidently. Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt is named Easy Street. Anyway, I digress. Clue 4 was posted last Friday and it’s 40 of these units.


I have 30 done. We sewed those half square triangles together as the first or second clue, so it is just piecing the four patches. Nice intersection on that top one, huh? :-). They aren’t all that nice. I have a rule. I take out the bad intersections and try to sew them perfectly a second time. If it’s not perfect the second time around, then that’s the way it stays! All 30 are passable if not perfect.


One Response to “WW”

  1. Sonia November 27, 2012 at 7:52 PM #

    I’ve been subjected to the Alabama 10! Took off 13# this summer only to put it back on in Alabama :o( Isn’t funny how we both got the fiscally responsible gene and save for what we want? Yeah!

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