I’m Disappointed in Humankind

19 Nov

I woke up this morning feeling so sad and beat up.

I have students who are sending me angry email messages because they don’t have their homework done and its my fault -not theirs. I have a student who keeps handing in the wrong homework electronically. She hands in the original file and not the modified one. I give her a zero but tell her to hand in the correct one within a time frame for credit… And she sends me back an email yelling at me because she spent so much time on the assignment and now she can’t find it and I gave her a zero. This has happened three times with her and she blames me.

I have a neighbor who went to the alderman and complained that our bushes were too high and impeded her visibility at the corner. The alderman went to the city council and we were issued a letter saying we need to trim the bushes (in November) in 3 days time or pay a fine of $5-$500 per day. Why couldn’t the neighbor or alderman walk over to our house,introduce themselves. Shake our hand, and talk to us about the bushes. The bushes are a nice hedge that we planted for privacy. Landscapers put them in 10 years ago. We trim them every spring. Why couldn’t the alderman come to our house or call us? The real problem is that a stop sign is needed on the north south street because people fly down that street.

My daughter and I went to Joann’s yesterday. They had a grand opening this weekend in a new location. The girl who waited on us could not have hated her job more. I have never seen anyone use scissors slower. The store didn’t have very many customers in it when we went but there was a lot of confusion in the line to check out and people were butting in and others were getting angry.

I’m going in late today so I can stop t the city clerks office to get a copy of the ordinance we are violating and ask for an extension. Our chain saw broke halfway through the trim and now we have to hire a tree service to complete the job. During a holiday week…

EDIT:  I stopped by the city clerk’s office.  She couldn’t believe how upset I was over this letter.  She said they never actually charge anyone – it’s an idle threat.  I have lost two nights sleep over that letter.  I have been so upset over it.  She checked on the complaint and it’s from one neighbor.  She put in writing that we have an extension til spring as per the chief of police.  We are getting a lawn service/tree service to trim back the bushes anyway, but now we have a little leeway during this hectic holiday season.  I’m still disappointed that this one neighbor has that much pull but, according to other neighbors, they complain about everything.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease after all…


2 Responses to “I’m Disappointed in Humankind”

  1. Life on a Dirt Road November 19, 2012 at 8:38 AM #

    I am sorry for your tough couple of days. 😦 Just remember, this too shall pass.
    I hope your week gets better.

  2. Rachaeldaisy November 20, 2012 at 3:14 AM #

    Sometimes life can a bit disheartening. For all the bad things that happen something extra nice will happen another day. I’m disappointed that your neighbour couldn’t have talked to you first., I’m glad the nice clerk gave you an extension. It’s awful that your student is giving you a hard time. When I have bad days and come home and sew, and the trick is to listen to audio books or podcasts so my mind doesn’t keep returning to those annoying things. Hopefully it’ll all blow over soon.

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