The Big 5-0

17 Nov

Well, my birthday has come and gone.  I didn’t have a lot of pomp and circumstance – just another day of work and a relaxing evening.  I got a catcher’s mitt earlier in the week as a present.  I asked my husband to find a used mitt on eBay that was in good shape but already broken in.  He got a beauty for a reasonable price.  We both used it during Gianna’s pitching lesson on Wednesday and I really like the way it feels.  Gianna likes the way it sounds – it really makes a nice pop sound when you catch the ball.  It makes it sound like she’s thrown a hard, fast pitch.  🙂
My secretary made me a cake for one of my meetings.  It was delicious.  My husband bought me a cake.  It was delicious.  I will blame both of them for my weight gain.  🙂

Dan and I finished permanently attaching my design wall.  The duct tape and industrial strength velcro didn’t work worth a darn.  But these screws did.

See the screws in the corners? BTW, I am really liking this setting for the bow ties. I need to decide what fabric to use for the setting triangles and then I can start building the top as I go like I did with the nine patch blocks.

I couldn’t take the “no light” on my two main sewing machines. The dealer didn’t have any in stock.  So I brought out the featherweight.

Ignore the mess. It will be cleaned up today!

I had to do quite a bit of tweaking.  I had skipped stitches.  That means a bent needle.  Swapped that out.  Didn’t help.  Swapped it out again for a thicker needle.  That corrected that.  But the tension was all out of whack.  I had to adjust both the top and bobbin tension.  I may need a new bobbin case.  This one is kind of rusted.  I had to spin some new bobbins.  That’s always a difficult thing because my bobbin winder on this machine tends to slip so it’s a three hand job to wind a bobbin.  But, all prevailed and after an hour of tweaking and sewing on scraps, I have the perfect stitch again!

Just in time for the next clue in the Mystery for Military Yahoo! group.

It was a simple clue and I was able to kick out 40 of those last night and early this morning.




4 Responses to “The Big 5-0”

  1. Sonia November 17, 2012 at 2:58 PM #

    How about scappy for the setting triangles? Easy peasy and plenty of scrappy material in your stash. I’m glad to have you sitting next to me on the “50 and over” bus. Comfortable shoes and comfortable in our own skin not to care what others think 😉

    • ginaquilts November 17, 2012 at 4:02 PM #

      Great minds think alike! I thought about scrappy too.

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Teresa Rawson November 18, 2012 at 12:55 AM #

    Congrats on the birthday! I will be 52 next month…the 50’s aren’t so bad. I LOVE your setting of the bowties…the most interesting one I’ve ever seen! I like to hand-piece bowties (they make such a great “baggie” project when I’m away from home), but the big quilt I made was BORING…just set side by side.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. Rachaeldaisy November 18, 2012 at 1:45 PM #

    Happy Birthday!! It was my birthday last week and I just had a quiet one too. Your new mitt sounds great! Design walls are the best!

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