Like I Need To Be Doing This

14 Nov

I made a new design wall yesterday.

I used two sheets of 4′ x 8′ foam insulation and cut it to 66″  (I have a pipe sticking out of the wall there at the bottom of the picture and also an outlet over to the right.  66″ was the longest I could do.

It’s hanging on by a song and a prayer right now.

Why yes, that is 1960s paneling throughout my basement. What? That’s no longer in style? Hmmm….

See how thick it is?  Cool…. I used 3/4″ foamboard insulation.  Once wrapped it’s quite thick.  I attached it to the wall with some industrial velcro but it didn’t stick too well so I ended up using good old duct tape. We’ll put screws and washers through everything to anchor it permanently some day.

I shouldn’t have been doing that project since I’m busy stressing out over Thanksgiving!  I cleaned the pantry today – well, half of it.  I’ll finish that tomorrow and start on the rest of the kitchen.  That’s the biggest job of the cleaning projects that need to happen in the next week.

I haven’t been working on any “real” quilting lately because I don’t want anything to tear me away from all this fun cleaning.  So I sit down for a few minutes to sew up a few bow tie blocks here and there.  Here’s what’s done so far.

Again, they look funky because I have them sewn into four patches so the squares don’t look very square on the blocks.  They look kind of rectangular.

In my cranky, low biorhythm pattern, my sewing machine light went out and that’s the spare I’m using.  I called the closest Janome shop and they didn’t know if they had any replacements in stock.  They were going to call me back but never did.  I need to get it replaced lickety split.


One Response to “Like I Need To Be Doing This”

  1. mosaicthinking November 14, 2012 at 11:01 PM #

    You’ve just reminded me that bow ties are on my ‘want to make’ list. Gosh, that full time job gets in the way sometimes….

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