7 Nov

Pictures included this time.  So this quilt is still sitting there waiting to be put together.


Ugh… I need to sew two rows together per day to get that moving again.

I was cleaning (surprise, surprise) and came across some oldies but goodies that will probably never get finished.  But I “kitted” a few up and sewed some on these tops.

The first is a 3″ bow tie block. When Bonnie Hunter was sewing her Cheddar Bow Ties I thought it was a good leader / ender project and started a “anything goes” bow tie leader / ender project also.  I got them out and put them together into 6″ blocks and here’s what I have.


The picture makes the blocks look wonky because some have the 1/4″ seam allowance showing and some are already sewn.  In a 3″ block, 1/4″ seam allowance looks HUGE.  That’s why some of the squares look like rectangles.  I kitted up some more of those out of 2″ strips and I’ll sew a few bow ties here and there.  Maybe it will end up like the Cheddar nine-patches and finish quickly without me even trying.  Maybe it will be a lifetime UFO.

The second project I dragged out is this one.



It’s a cool project but only 8″ blocks.  The fabrics used should read as solid but I’ve got some wild and crazy ones in there.  That’s probably why I stopped the project with only 20 done.  At the 8″ finished size, I’ll need close to 100 to get a decent sized quilt.  But I kitted up some more of those pieces and can use the itty bitty black and white four patches as leaders and enders.  Will this project get finished this time?  Probably not.  Just passing the time between projects.

The Yahoo! Mystery Quilts for Military has begun their last QOV mystery quilt.  They have only given the clues for the cutting so far.  I dove into my stash and I have enough background fabric yardage to make a consistent background but not enough red or blue of one fabric.  So I am going scrappy with the reds and blues.  I know the reds will look good – I’m not sure about my blue scraps though.


I’m going to hold off on some of the blue cutting til I see what it’s used for.  Everything else is ready to go for the first sewing clue this Friday.

As a result of these projects, my cutting table looks like this:


I need to dump all these in the “scraps-that-need-to-be-cut-up” bucket or actually take some time to cut them up and put them in the correct bins. 

Work has been nuts.  As if my personal life isn’t hectic enough, work has been adding to my stress.  It’s such a time suck!  I worked this weekend (Friday night and Saturday til 1:00pm) for a PC Repair Clinic held at the school.  Then Marathon Monday where I have day and night classes.  Today I work my regular schedule, have a meeting from 2:30-3:30; another meeting from 4-6; and have to be at the high school for DJ’s orientation at 6:30.  They asked me to stay again tomorrow night for ANOTHER meeting from 4-5 and I said NO!  Somewhere in between all these meetings I have to teach my classes, record webcasts for my online classes, prepare for next semester (books have to be chosen already, teachers assigned to the classes)… 

Last night I went to a Mary Kay cosmetics meeting with my 23yo daughter.  She is thinking about becoming a Mary Kay consultant. She uses the products and thinks that she can benefit by getting them 1/2 off.  It was interesting.  I remember Mary Kay from the 80s.  I always thought that people who wore these cosmetics looked like plastic Barbie dolls.  But these ladies were not overly made up at least.  They were targeting the over 50 crowd with miracle stuff to make us look younger.  I found the layers of lotions to be heavy.  I don’t use much cleaning products and lotions now.  My skin does look and feel good this morning.  Does it feel $200 worth of good?


One Response to “Projects”

  1. Sonia November 7, 2012 at 9:09 PM #

    I’m really impressed with the “kitting” idea! Great to organize the projects and great for your hip-hop (from project to project) quilting style 😉 never get bored!

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