6 Nov

I’m into lists without pictures I guess. Here goes another:

  • I got all the blocks sewed into rows for the plaid quilt.  I have nine rows – five of blocks and 4 of sashing.  I’m totally burned out on that quilt and stopped working on it Sunday.  I won’t begin again until the weekend.  I need a break from it.
  • My elbow tendonitis is killing me.  I bought two things that will hopefully help it tremendously.


I hope this lives up to its hype.  I’ll let you know – it’s due to arrive today.

  • The other product is an armband.  People I know that have tennis elbow swear by these.


  • I should stop sewing and knitting until that tendonitis is cleared up.  Bummer….
  • On another subject, we are hosting Thanksgiving again this year.  I’m already having nightmares and anxiety attacks about it.
  • Breathe…
  • My daughter’s last basketball game was last night.  She played well.
  • Speech Team competition is Friday.  Then that activity will be over as well for the kids.
  • Both of the above activities ending will free up a lot of time in their/my schedule.  Practices for each were at least three times a week – either before or after school (or both).  Welcome back sleeping in until 7am and suppers at home as a family!

Pictures of the quilting project(s) will be posted some time this week.  If I sew at all…


One Response to “Lists”

  1. mosaicthinking November 6, 2012 at 8:02 PM #

    Penetrex – I seriously thought this might be a post promoting one of THOSE types of products 🙂

    Hope it works for you.

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