Design Wall Monday

29 Oct


I know – you’re thinking, “What the heck?  Two new projects?”  🙂   Not really.  The one on the right is new.  It’s a hand applique project.  I did one prototype block to see if I liked it.  I do.  I think I’ll slowly continue on that one when I have time to hand applique.  It will be as big as it is when I get tired of it.  Probably another fall wallhanging.  The one on the left is an orphan block that I just decided to make into a medallion quilt.  It will be all red and white.  I’ll get a lot of practice with my math in sizing up fancy smancy borders.


“What happened to the old project(s)?”  They are still there and I’m still plugging away.

I have 13 of the 25 plaid blocks now finished. I’m trying to do 2 blocks a day.  Then how did I get an odd number?  I don’t know.  🙂  I might have done 3 one day… or only one…  Who knows?  But if I keep up this pace, I should have all 25 done by the weekend and can start setting them together.  I have a million 9-patches to make for the sashing so that should keep me busy this weekend also.

I made Gianna a small duffle bag on Saturday.  I was a major PITA because I broke the zipper and was too cheap stubborn to unsew the zipper and buy a new one to replace it.  So I fiddled with it – had to cut some teeth out of the bottom… then had to place a fabric stopper so you can’t see the missing teeth…. PITA!

The “FIX” at the bottom of the zipper. BTW, my stripes lined up BEFORE I broke the zipper. Now they are off one zipper tooth.

See? Small! It’s just enough room to fit her basketball shoes and uniform. Not a very practical bag. But a learning experience.

Finally, I hit a major church garage sale where all shirts were $0.50.  Yeah baby!  I came home with 6 – all they had left.

Off to work for Marathon Monday.  I feel a bit warm today and am worried that I may be coming down with Gianna/Dan’s illness of last week.  I really can’t afford to miss classes so I hope it’s just a headache / slight warmness sickness and not the down-for-three-days sickness that they had.



2 Responses to “Design Wall Monday”

  1. Vicki H. October 29, 2012 at 7:17 PM #

    I hope you get your blocks done this week, I love the plaids! I have never been ablet to get a zipper in, so all my bags are open topped ones. Be well, the sickness has been here and it stinks.

  2. Nancy October 30, 2012 at 8:14 AM #

    Love the colorful nine patches on the plaid quilt. They are sparkly and great.
    feeling better?
    Nancy in Sunny Chilly SC

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