PT Conferences

25 Oct

Yesterday, I attended a parent teacher conference at the high school for my 14yo, DJ. He is in 8th grade but has been accelerated in math so he attends sophomore level advanced placement Algebra II. I go to these parent teacher meetings for purely selfish reasons. I love to hear how great my children are in school!

This meeting was no exception. The boy is truly gifted in math. He sat for the high school placement test in 6th grade and scored in the 98th percentile in the nation in math. Currently he is top of his class at the high school. What does he need to work on? Organization, handwriting (so she can read his answers better), and having a pencil on him each day! He leaves the house with a pencil each morning, but loses it by the time he walks into the school. Some days – not all.

I’m so proud of him. You would think that he gets teased a lot since he’s geeky but it’s not that bad. Even the high school students know who he is and respect him for his knowledge. The teacher said that if there’s a hard problem, the students say, “Did DJ get that one right? If he can’t do it, how do you expect us to?” The teacher said she thinks DJ could be put in the senior level pre-calc class and do okay. Pretty cool, huh?

In other matters, Dan continues to fight this cold/flu that’s going around. Fever and exhaustion are his symptoms. Gianna has strep throat and the same thing. Both have missed school and work this week.

I’m sewing very little but plugging away when I can. I loaded the plaid stars quilt.


I’m about halfway through the quilting. Close up of the panto: water world in a mother goose color thread.


I’ve started putting blocks together for the new plaid quilt.


The only real piecing is the sashing and cornerstones.

That’s it here! Have a great day!


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