22 Oct

I scheduled a personal day today. I was originally supposed to hold a PC repair clinic at the college on Friday and Saturday, then go to this softball tournament all day on Sunday. So I scheduled a personal day for today to get some sort of free time for losing my weekend. The PC repair clinic was rescheduled but I kept the personal day anyway. It’s the first one I’ve used and I have 4 a year. I actually am only taking a half day because I’m still meeting with my night class tonight.

Instead of grading (which was my original plan), I have been playing around instead. :-). I loaded the plaid Ohio stars top and pieced the backing. I played with the pictures I took yesterday. I made a chicken in the crock pot. I’m doing some laundry. Just hanging out. I’ll grade after noon. Really, I will. I promise. Until then, here are some MORE pictures I took yesterday.




One Response to “Playing”

  1. Sonia October 22, 2012 at 7:04 PM #

    Personal day? It’s sounds like it was a full ‘take care of family’ day 😉

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