19 Oct

Guess what?  I entered a giveaway on Fabric Therapy’s Blog and WON!  How cool is that?  I need to email her with my postal address and I’ll receive an assortment of Halloween fabrics!  🙂

If you haven’t visited her blog, she’s an AWESOME appliquer.  (Spell check says appliquer is not a word – but we quilters know different.)  She is making up applique patterns based on musical instruments right now and I’m totally in awe of her skill and talent.  I’m not a musician but am a musician wanna-be.  I started taking piano lessons a few years ago as part of my mid-life crisis. I started on Book 3 (I knew some piano) and 3-4 years later, I’m on Book 4.  My daughter (who was 8 at the time) started on Book 1 and is now with me on Book 4.  We are playing the same songs but she’s sooooo much better than me.  It takes me 6 months to learn a song well.  It takes her 1 week to learn that same song.  Not that I’m jealous or anything…

But I got side tracked.  Having musicians in the family, I really appreciate not only the applique blocks that contain the instruments, but the history behind them that she shares. She also shows the process that she uses to applique the blocks.  Visit her site.  It’s cool.

Back to my quilting…

I am about half way through quilting the cheddar quilt. The pantograph is dense.  I’ve done 5 passes and I think it will take 8 total.  I’m debating on binding.  Cheddar to blend and keep the focus on the center?  Or scrappy to frame the quilt and bring out more scrappy-ness? 

I love this area that just rolled up the edge.


The one with the Beatles fabric?  My sister gave me that fabric so it was free.  Comet to think of it she also gave me the fabric above it.  And the shirt prints/plaids?  Practically free – Goodwill shirts.  I bought the horse/cowboy fabric when Gianna and I were into horseback riding and we bought a horse named Mac.  Did I tell you that Mac recently died?  Gianna saw another girl who had a horse at the same barn as Mac and told her.  He was a great horse.  We couldn’t have picked a better starter horse. 

TTFN – and tell me what you would bind with!  I will have to make the binding tonight or tomorrow morning I think!


2 Responses to “I WON!”

  1. Nancy October 19, 2012 at 11:41 AM #

    I vote for the scrappy frame. Love a scrappy binding..
    Great job, can’t wait to see it finished.
    nancy in Sunny SC

  2. Sonia October 19, 2012 at 5:59 PM #

    I vote for cheddar binding. How very cool for you on winning fabric!!!!! Tell Gianna that you stink at lottery tickets but fabric contest are your thing!

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