A Busy Weekend

8 Oct

I was too busy sewing to post on my blog this weekend.  I also went “Garage Sale-ing” and found some great bargains!  🙂

First the sewing:


The crosshatch in two borders is nearly complete and I’m working on the pumpkin here.  I used a bit too much glue in the applique so it’s requiring a lot of stab stitching.


All 36 plaid stars are done and are set into rows.  I have two of the sashing rows also completed and need to work on the other 5 this week.  I want to quilt this quilt top (and two others) this weekend since I have a three-day weekend coming up.  That’s not unrealistic, is it?  😉

I also have 172 3″ nine-patches done.  Those are even put together on the diagonal with the cheddar alternate squares.  I don’t know how much farther I’ll go on that top before I start a different leader and ender project.  I have plenty of cheddar fabric left so I may just keep going.  I have no idea how large it is since it’s no longer on my design wall. I’m guessing it’s a bit over 60″ square as is.

On the garage sale finds:


I found an old iron.  The electrical cord is in perfect condition.  It’s heavy – no steam.  It gets HOT HOT HOT!  I love it so far.  I’m careful to turn it off AND unplug it when I’m done with it because I only turned it off the first time and then came back over an hour later and it was still warm.  So to be safe, I’ll turn it off and unplug it!  Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville always raves about the quality of these old irons so that’s why I picked it up.  I have to agree with her – it’s great so far!  Price?  $1


I didn’t put the legs up for the photo, but this is a portable sewing table.  I can use it for retreats (not that I go to many of those mind you) and for when Mia or Gianna wants to sew when I’m sewing.  Dan rolled his eyes and muttered something about where we are going to store it.  I know… but it was a bargain at only $10!

The same garage sale had a cheapy Singer sewing machine and a “sewing chair” that was harvest gold upholstered vinyl. She was really trying to sell me that for $15 but it wasn’t collapsible and I really don’t need that…. I think….  Although I only bought those two items, it was a good sale.  Lots of old dishes and cool stuff.

That’s all.  This week is another busy, busy, busy one.  I have class Monday-Wednesday in the day (we don’t have off for Columbus Day today).  PLUS I have class on Monday and Wednesday nights.  On Wednesday I’m filling in for a colleague – long story in which I sound petty but whatever….  On Tuesday night, Gianna has a scrimmage game.  Thursday sees me off to another community college in the suburbs for the grant.  And Friday I have OFF for fall break.  Whew…  However there’s a basketball tournament that Gianna is playing in on Friday night and all day Saturday.

So how am I going to get the plaid quilt done and also quilt three quilts this weekend?  Hmmm…. I obviously haven’t quite hit reality yet!


One Response to “A Busy Weekend”

  1. Sonia October 8, 2012 at 8:59 AM #

    Great buy on that portable sewing table!

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